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10 Tips to Engaging With Prospects (People) on Social Media

June 15, 2016


Is Social Media Right for Your Business?


Before I delve into why social media is relevant for BDMs and Principals, I need to answer another question…


Is Social Media Relevant for Property Management?


There are a number of reasons why people aren’t on social media. They are probably similar for many agencies. Here are a few of the more common reasons:



Social Media Reasons Sensus
Sensis Report 2015


Real Estate Agencies are often after a quick win, but when it comes to marketing, it’s not about being the quickest.


Social Media fits into the ‘slow but steady‘ category.  You might find a landlord or two on social media… but it needs to be part of a broader plan.  Social Media is, as the name suggests, a social communication tool.  It was not designed as a direct advertising tool.  Like most communication channels, it can be used that way, but direct advertising is not its purpose.


Social media is great at showing off the social side of the agency and leveraging digital word of mouth (the social part of selling). But why is it important? Because 63% of the Australian population uses Facebook (15m people). And what’s more effective than word of mouth promotion that reaches a huge section of the population where they are engaged and actually listening.




Social Media Useage Statistics April 2016 Channels Facebook


Importantly 30% of the people on Facebook also follow brands on Facebook. That is 4.5 million Australians following brands on Facebook.  And! 20% use social media for the purpose of following a brand.


There is a huge audience out there that want to engage with you. BUT…


But they only want to engage on their terms. You can’t force conversation or interest. It’s like interrupting a conversation at a dinner party… you have to wait for the relevant segue or question to introduce your topic.


Social media users only want to engage with you when they are thinking about leasing their property or they hear about your service from someone else. Below are some tips to ensure you reach the right people at the right time in the right way.


1.    The Journey

Social Media, like all marketing, is marathon not a sprint. There are some nifty things we can do to get followers quickly, but after that it’s all about good consistent marketing and sticking to the plan.


2.     Have a Plan

Make sure you do strategy and do it well. Your social media strategy needs to align with your marketing plan and integrate your website, email and print marketing. Only 19% of small businesses have a strategy. Make sure yours does.


3.    Make it Social

You MUST make your social media about people. Make it about the clients, the employees, the wins and the community. Celebrate successes, share stories and give your communication personality – the interesting people with the best stories are always invited back to the dinner party.


4.    Follow the Posting Schedule

Your schedule needs to be consistent… but not spammy. Look at when your target audience is on social media and post then. No point starting a conversation when no one is listening.


The information below gives an idea of when the best times to post is.



Times to Post




 5.    Be Creative

You NEED to be creative with your copy, with your images, with your tag lines and especially with your ads. Ensure your ads are driving potential clients to something. There has to be a purpose. EG drive them to your website, to like your page, to contact the office or to come into the office etc.


6.   Do Paid Advertising

It is really hard to drive leads if no one is looking. Even if you have thousands of followers, you need to ensure you are reaching them. Facebook and other platforms force you to pay to reach them. So be creative… hold competitions and offer discounts or rewards for those that see the ad on social media – 45% of people following businesses are looking for offers


7.    Do Videos

Videos cut through! Give interesting content and information to your potential clients. Some ideas include: hints and tips when renting out your property, what to look for in a property management agency etc. 24% of people who follow companies are looking for this kind of information.



YouTube Growth



8.   Don’t Post Properties

Unless there is an exceptional reason. People care more about other people’s wins and stories about excellent results for clients (eg let five properties in a week). Make your content about the people more than the property.


9.   Engage Employees

YES YES YES! Employees are essential. You need to ensure they are involved in the process. There is nothing better than photos of the BDM or the Property Manager standing at an awards ceremony. People relate to stories about people – give them something they care about.


10.  Measure it

You HAVE to make sure it is working. If it isn’t try something else, that is creative, strategic and on message (the hard bit). Social Media has some brilliant tools to measure return on investment very easily.


If this sounds like hard work and more time than you are willing to spend on it, then consider yourself in the majority of SMEs And that is why it is so good to be on social media – because so few agencies are. This is an opportunity to talk to people without heaps of other voices drowning you out. Think of that dinner party. It’s easier to chat about the host before everyone else arrives.


If you need some help with your social media or any marketing questions, then please contact us today – hi@slimdigital.com.au

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