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The 5 C’s of Content Creation for your Brand – Content Marketing

July 9, 2017


The 5 BCs of Content Creation (CONTENT MARKETING)


Content marketing is probably a topic on your marketing to-do list and if you’re far enough along, is part of your marketing plan.  But,  creating that content (writing those blogs or doing those vlogs) can be overwhelming for marketing managers and small business owners.

So, first of all, what to do we mean by the phrase “content marketing”?

“Content marketing” is the creation of valuable and useful content or information that can be used online in the form of blogs, Ebooks, e-newsletters, social media, website pages etc. It is designed to provoke interest from your target audience with the goal of building a long-term relationship where the customer sees the business as a familiar and reputable source of relevant information.


What is content marketing is a topic on it’s own, so we’ll skip along to some simple principles to apply when creating your content.


We’ve put together 5 BC’s to remember when creating content:

  1.  Be Consistent

Work out your brand positioning and your marketing message and always work within that framework.  Stick to your brand colours or imagery for any visual or written content. This will ensure your brand stands out. Check out our blogs on Branding and the Marketing Archetypes for more info on this.

  1. Be Credible

Be true to your brand.  If you’re trying to project an image of your brand that you’re not, people will see through it very quickly.  Be authentic, be transparent, and soon enough, your audience will begin to trust you.

  1. Be Contextual

Always keep your target audience in mind.  Remember who they are, what might be relevant to them and be sure to create content that meets their needs or answers their questions. We’re hoping that this is something you’ll want to read about.

  1. Be Cohesive

Your brand is your opportunity to introduce yourself to new customers and to interact with existing customers. It’s your chance for them to get to know more about you and to remember you.  So, you need to be sure your content is cohesive and fits together.  A great way to do this is to use an integrated marketing plan.

  1. Be Concise

Always keep in mind how your target audience consumes their content.  More and more statistics are showing us the rise in the usage of smartphones.  So, bear in mind that your content may be read on a mobile screen.  Keep it short, simple and easy to read.

However, if you’re struggling to find content to write (you’re just looking at the cursor blink at you on your blank doc) then we can help with generating suggestions for content…ideas and content you most likely already have, but didn’t know.

We hope these tips are helpful for you.


Want to know more about creating content for your business? Contact Bronwyn Clur today! or on Linkedin:

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