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How Vendors Choose a Real Estate Agent

October 11, 2017


Which kind of Agent do Vendors get to sell their property? What do vendors think when they’re picking an agent?



The answer is generally self-evident.  Agents know it.  But often there is nothing an agent can do about it.  Especially once you’ve been cast into one of these categories.  But when a vendor gets to the business part of selling their home, requesting an appraisal, they’re definitely going to get two quotes, and often three.  So here are the categories that agents fall into with a seller.


Category 1: The #1 Agent

It is obvious who this agent is. Might have to do with sign boards, REA, RateMyAgent.


Category 2: You Know Them

Someone that the vendor already knows. Someone who sold their other property, that they purchased off, , the agency they use to manage the property, friends, family, friend of a friend etc.  A per-existing connection with vendors.


Category 3: Wildcard

Is the wild card. Everyone likes a 3rd option. The Vendor doesn’t know them very well, but is often cagey about the #1 Agent, and sometimes doesn’t like to mix friends and business. They may have Googled agents in their area. Maybe they’re on an email list, seen a Facebook ad etc.


So What?

Most of our marketing is geared towards leveraging Category 2 and getting Category 3 in the door. Making sure that if an agent isn’t in Category 1 or 2, they’re at least in Category 3; that they’re on the radar of vendors in the area.


Category 1

If you’re not the number one agent at selling property, we can’t help. We’re good, but the quality of any service or product is up to you.


Category 2

Your marketing is all about keeping your database engaged, interested so that they are prepared to make a decision to go with you. Examples of the type of marketing you would be focusing on includes:

  • Regular EDM’s
  • connecting on LinkedIn
  • Inviting them to Like you page on Facebook


Category 3

Everything you are doing is all in the attention space of the AIDA Principles (read our blog here). You need to get their attention so they get you in the door as their wildcard. Examples of the type of marketing you would be focusing on are:

  • Facebook promoted posts and ads
  • Cold connecting on LinkedIn
  • Brand ads in the paper or on the radio
  • Good SEO and good content on your website that people want to read or watch to build trust. Owning the content marketing space is crucial to this kind of agent.


Which category do you usually fall into? Knowing this will inform the type of marketing you need to focus on.


If you’re not sure where you fit and what you need to do, contact Aaron McMahon today at

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