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Case Study: How to be No.1 on Facebook

November 29, 2015


This is a story for the ages – teaching an old dog new tricks.  Phil McMahon Real Estate has been around for decades in South Australia and was born out of the 1980’s real estate industry.  However, in the past 10 months he has experienced a 300% increase on Facebook and now claims the title of No1 Agent on Facebook in SA.  Phil has achieved this, not through his knowledge of Facebook, or through purchasing ‘likes’ but by using a subject matter expert in the field and sticking to the plan.  Here are our tips to getting there:


  1. Develop a Plan.
  2. Stick to the Plan
  3. Creativity
  4. Paid Ads
  5. Engage Employees
  6. Manage Poor Reviews


In January this year Phil employed SLiM DIGITAL to bring his agency’s marketing and communication into the 21st Century.  We didn’t do anything fancy on Facebook.  We didn’t use clickbait.  We didn’t spend thousands on paid advertising.  We stayed on brand and message, we were consistent and we followed a plan.


Develop a Plan.

This is the most important part of any marketing – plan it.  We developed a strategy that resonated with Phil and also his clients.  Phil’s was super simple; I Love SA. Or to South Australians; Adelaide Heaps Good.  This was an easy message to develop as Phil was so passionate about Adelaide and it is a positive emotional message that resonates with the general public.  We turned that simple concept into a marketing plan and broke it down into target markets and channels – essentially what does the message look like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, when there are different people on those channels.


Stick to the Plan

We then developed a posting schedule.  We broke the plan into bite sized components and turned it into a posting plan per day – or every few days.  Phil McMahon Real Estate stuck to the plan and provided a lot of content. We had Throwback Thursday and Friday Funnies, a few memes etc.  But we posted about how good SA was.  Whenever there was a positive story about SA, or the company we posted about it.  Not too often but regularly.



There are few things as important as creativity.  It is worth the world.  Turning a marketing strategy into an emotional message that resonates with you and your target audience is not a template.  Then turning that message into daily posts takes much more than learning how to use Hootsuite or Buffer.  It takes creativity.  This is super important for paid advertising.  You are looking for a measurable ROI on paid ads.  So making the copy, image or video spot on is so important.


Paid Ads

Yes, paid.  Unfortunately, you can’t get past the fact that you end up paying for Facebook to promote your content – even to the people that already follow your page. But this has been a key to Phil McMahon Real Estate becoming No1.


Engage Employees

Your employees are your greatest asset in leveraging the digital word of mouth – followed by your loyal customers (fans and fanatics).  Ensuring that you promote your employees on Social Media and have them share the post and show it to all of their friends, is a very powerful way to say ‘we value our people’ and to ensure their friends think highly of the company.


Manage Poor Reviews

This is going to happen. You will have people who don’t like you, the business went bad, sometimes it will be your fault and other times it will be something that you couldn’t control.  But you must respond. Now is not the time to get emotional.  Now is the time to use us.  We will write a response on your behalf that is not critical but understanding.  There is more on this in our SLiM DIGITAL Social Media Crisis Management Guide


Theses guidelines to success are important to you being able to build your audience on social media.  And if you think that likes don’t matter then ponder on the fact that Phil McMahon Real Estate is now communicating with 6000 people daily; and those people wont change their Facebook profile.  An email database is notoriously stagnant and hard to update and it is spammy to email people every second day.


If you want the kind of results that Phil has seen; if you want to communicate with thousands of people every other day; if you want to be viewed as digitally savvy; then give us a call.


Review from Phil McMahon, of Phil McMahon Real Estate

“SLiM DIGITAL’s amazing team have been the driving force behind the success of our digital marketing, especially Facebook. They have the ability to turn the theory of marketing into practical and successful outcomes. They have really found their niche and I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling to get a grasp on how to use Digital Marketing for Real Estate.”


Phil’s Success Stats:

Facebook – 1800 to 6000 likes

Twitter – 0 – 483

Instagram 0 – 172 followers

LinkedIn – 0 – 74 followers

Pinterest 0 – 46



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