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April 3, 2017


Phillips Earthmoving Contractors – Fully Integrated Marketing

We have been contracted by Phillips Earthmoving Contractors (Phillips) to rebrand the company and then implement our recommendations and plans. We have essentially become the outsourced marketing department for Phillips. This journey with Phillips has been a long one, but worthwhile.

We began with business strategy and branding (read our blog on Branding here) back in mid 2016.  All of their new marketing collateral is based on the strategy (read our blog on Strategy here) of helping Phillips to be perceived as the large earthmoving company that it is, not as the small family owned business it had come from.  The company has grown enormously in the past 30 years, from a one man band in Tennant Creek, to a multimillion dollar NT Success Story. We needed to communicate this and to make the branding look more attractive than their competitors.  With the help of Angela, the General Manager, we have produced something the client loves and we’re all proud of.

Once the strategy and branding was completed, we then developed the marketing plan based around a database growth strategy, event/conference attendance and PR.  Whilst we’ve only just begun on the implementation, we’ve  kicked a few early goals that we wanted to share.


Newspaper Articles

Check out the newspaper ads in the NT Times, Tennant Creek Times and Centralian Advocate – all based on the strategy and executed brilliantly by Monica Bugno, our dedicated Marketing Officer to Phillips.

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Radio Interview

In addition, we were able to get Angela on Territory FM 104.9 for a short interview. As Phillips is run by Elizabeth and Angela, daughters of Jim Phillips, International Women’s Day was the perfect angle. You can listen to the interview below.

If you’re interested in how we can help improve your brand, marketing strategy or PR, give Aaron or Monica a call today!


Media Release

Here is the media release sent to the various news outlets in the NT.


Phillips Earthmoving Public Relations with SLiM DIGITAL


The theme for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017 is #BeBoldforChange and two sisters from Tennant Creek are celebrating the theme with a bold change in the construction industry.

Angela and Elizabeth Phillips are leaders in creating a more gender inclusive working world as they take ownership of their parents’ business – Phillips Earthmoving.

The company was established in 1999 by Jim and Sylvia Phillips. Starting from humble beginnings with an old international water truck, the company has grown to have over 70 pieces of equipment and a workforce of 30 full-time employees and up to 60 personnel at peak season.

Angela and Elizabeth said they were excited to take leadership in a male dominated industry.

“It’s been a challenging yet rewarding time for the both of us running this business and we believe setting ambitious goals will go a long way in the company’s development. We’re both driven by the emotional attachment of this being a family business and we hope to find success in driving this company to new heights. For us, life-fulfilling work is never just about the money, being sisters there is real passion in the work that we do and so we instinctively find ways to nurture it.”

“Three things: 1. Don’t take things personally 2. Be assertive and stay focused and 3. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know – this can be your greatest strength as it can often mean you do things differently from everyone else.”

The sisters said they were proud to celebrate their achievements during International Women’s Day and encourage other Territorians to recognise women creating change in their industry.

For more information on Angela and Elizabeth, go to their website at

Or Linkedin:



If you’re interested in how we can help improve your brand, marketing strategy or PR, give Aaron or Monica a call today!



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