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SLiM DIGITAL was built on the principle that helping businesses succeed is good business.  And we’ve been helping businesses succeed in the NT and across Australia for over 6 years.  We have a focus on helping local businesses thrive in the challenging environment they operate in and havev extensive experience working in the real estate and property industry, tourism, construction, retail, health, not-for-profit and sport, and education sectors.


Through natural growth and demand to offer a full suite of services to suit a client’s needs, SLiM DIGITAL specialises in the following services:


– Strategic Marketing Plans

– Fully Integrated Marketing Plans

– Digital Marketing Plans

– Branding Identity

– Business Consulting and planning

– Website design and development

– Social Media Management

– Facebook Advertising

– Public Relations

– Email Marketing

– Google Ads and SEO

– Traditional forms of Marketing such as Print, Radio and TVC

For more information on SLiM DIGITAL drop us an email at

or call us on 0467 733 796

Who We Are

Aaron McMahon SLiM DIGITAL Bio Image Colourful

Aaron McMahon


I’m the founder and Creative Director at SLiM DIGITAL.  I have a depth of experience and skills prior to establishing SLiM DIGITAL; completing an MBA, Masters of Commercial Law, Bachelor of Economics and Law Degree; and 8 years as an Engineering Officer in the Army. These skills and experiences make the perfect combination of real world leadership with classroom expertise.


Since starting SLiM DIGITAL I’ve worked with clients such as Miguel Maestre, Deakin University, Little Miss Korea, Menzies, NTPHN, Tourism Top End, Carmel’s Seafood Market, and Raine & Horne.


I provide marketing strategies and messages that don’t just align with your organisation’s culture and character, but serves to focus your business on its goals when dealing with the everyday.


You can find out more about me via my LinkedIn profile and I accept all connection requests.


Drop me an email at or call me on 0467 733 796 if you want to know more about what we do here at SLiM DIGITAL.


The SLiM DIGITAL team comprises a mix of full time staff, interns and talented subcontract freelance strategists, copy writers, social media managers, Google Ads experts, designers, developers, event managers, and PR experts. SLiM DIGITAL has embraced the changing work culture and has taken full advantage of the ability to choose the best possible freelancers (subcontractors) to suit the scope of works.

SLiM DIGITIAL has  discovered through research, development and internal continuous improvement, that engaging freelancers has benefited our business output. Working with trusted and talented freelancers has proven to be pivotal to the success of SLiM DIGITAL. By employing freelancers with a specialist skill set, SLiM DIGITAL can task the most appropriate contractor, with the focus and niche skills necessary, to exceed the expectations of the client.

Meet Hayley Sebborn

Hayley is our Design and Digital Marketing Ninja; and that’s the truth!  After spending the past decade in design roles, Hayley started her own freelance design business called Design Ninja, before beginning with SLiM DIGITAL.  Hayley is the execution behind most of what we do at SLiM DIGITAL, and her skillset is incredibly diverse.  Hayley can design that billboard or newspaper ad, but can then write the copy for that Facebook Post to send people to book a table. Hayley is integral to our planning and strategy sessions but can then attend your event and take photos as well. Maybe we should call Hayley our marketing swiss army knife as there’s nothing she can’t do or marketing task she can’t complete.

Find out more about Hayley and her marketing skills by checking out her LinkedIn bio here or checking out her design portfolio here –


There can be nothing more important than the creative element.  The creative is the extension of the strategic; it’s the strategic plan coming together visually.  The creative drives not only the design but also the message and marketing. The creative idea and turning it into a visual product or an engaging marketing message is the magic behind what we do. Aaron is the Creative Director of the company and will turn the strategy into a creative idea that will impact your target audience. A good case study can be found here.


We offer a superior strategic marketing service. This is enabled by the knowledge and tools Aaron has gained from his MBA, and Masters in Commercial Law combined with the skills developed from his time as a Military Engineer. Aaron has conducted strategic planning and branding with tourism operators, real estate agencies, sporting bodies, health, not-for-profits, politicians and consultants. For more on our strategic approach, click here.


We work with organisations in maximising their digital and traditional media marketing ROI. This is achieved by developing a unique and strategic marketing plan, including social media integrated  intelligently with traditional methods. The team at SLiM DIGITAL is an experienced and talented in social media execution and the implementation of the marketing plan. Combined with Aaron’s strategic and marketing expertise, your social media marketing plan will reflect your organisation’s character.


For a full range of our skills across, strategic communications, creative design, public relations and digital communications, see our case studies.




We try to do things a little differently and our values we hope tell you that we’re not beige.



Do the 0 talent things well

– Live the Horst Shulze value on clients.

– Pioneering

– Progressive